Porcelain doll is one of the most popular collectible categories whose nostalgic value can help boost their worth and in many cases, they can be stored away safely for many years. Are you looking to identify the value of your dolls and get a doll appraisal? At the end of this article, we will recommend places to get a doll appraisal

Some values ranging from around $5 up to a thousand dollars. One example is a doll made in 1918 by French sculptor Albert Marque and dressed by the Parisian couture Jeanne Margaine-LaCroix was sold for $300,000 by auction house Theriault’s.

To learn the value of each doll, manufacturer and manufacturing date should be known. Most dolls have a manufacturer’s stamp on them and a marking indicating the year they were made. They also have markers usually on the head, shoulders, or upper back of the doll consists of numbers from their porcelain molds.

The condition also needs to assess. Mint condition porcelain dolls value more than those with poor condition. Needs to check if there are chips or smudges. If it looks clean and bright or worn and tired. Also needs to determine if parts are still original or being replaced or repaired. A doll with its original form is much more valuable than those who had been restored or repaired.