How do you get your antique furniture appraised?

There are many ways to find the value of your antique furniture and we have outlined the typical ways to get an antique furniture appraisal. First of all, there can be many reasons to get an antique furniture appraisal.  Are you looking to sell? Do you need an insurance appraisal? Or are you just curious? Antique furniture is a common item to get appraised and many companies can help you with an antique furniture appraisal – either online with a physical inspection.


Important things to consider to determine the value of antique furniture.

Do you know the designer/creator?

Do you know the age of the antique furniture?

What is the condition of your antique furniture?

Do you know the provenance of the antique furniture?

Can you find similar items sold in auction results databases?

You can do lot yourself to identify the value of antique furniture and go to your local auction house – use Auctionzip to identify the local auction house or get help online from an antique furniture specialist they can help you get an antique furniture appraisal which will give you a correct estimate and a good description of your item


6 things you can do to get an antique furniture appraisal

  1. Visit your local auction house and ask them what the antique furniture is worth. They will typically inspect it on the spot provide you with a free appraisal of your antique furniture.
  2. Search for local valuation days in your area – it is normal for an auction house to arrange valuation days a few times a year
  3. Get to know your local antique dealer. He is probably very knowledgeable and knows all the local specialties in your area or country for antique furniture
  4. Search databases of auction results with antique furniture – there are plenty of databases out there. The best one is
  5. Google Google!- Google is a tremendous tool for a treasure hunter that want to find an antique furniture appraisal and you can find anything on each antique furniture topic.
  6. Local appraisers – search for local art and antique appraisers – there is a simple and easy to use directory here